Where can I find love?

Where Can I Find Love?

Did you know that love comes from God? We were created purely as an expression of God’s love. Love has always existed in the eternal mind of God. God is three in one: Father, Spirit and Son. Love binds them together as a single unit. God’s love has no limits and therefore God loves us all unconditionally. God is our example of how to live and to love. And God wants to show us how to become selfless, loving and complete – just like God. God wants to redefine our relationships. When we learn to love God and to love like God, our lives are radically transformed.

God gives us the love that we need and desire. God gives us purpose. God gives us significance, self-worth and security. God created love and gave us the gift of family, friendship and romantic love. It is all part of God’s design for our lives. God wants to have a relationship with you today and for you to learn how to love others well. Imagine a world transformed by the enduring and other-centred love of God. Love is for everyone and it is free to anyone who comes to God with an open heart.